Solidarity is this podcast

Solidarity. It’s become a buzzword. But what does solidarity mean in reality? What are solidarity values and how do we center them? And how do we go about practicing solidarity, as activists, as organizations, as people who care deeply about building inclusive schools, campuses, workplaces and neighborhoods?


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Episode 1: Bystander, Upstander: Solidarity in Portland (June 2017)

Deepa Iyer explores how bystanders become upstanders in the context of the train tragedy in Portland and white nationalism. Joseph Santos-Lyons with the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) and Debjani Roy with Hollaback join the conversation.

solidarity Syllabus

Episode 2: The Muslim and Refugee Bans (July 2017)

Deepa Iyer explores why the Muslim and refugee bans are discriminatory and inhumane, and how you can engage in solidarity practices. Elica Vafaie (Asian Law Caucus) and Ramla Sahid (Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans) join the conversation.

• Solidarity syllabus

Episode 3: On the Side of Justice: Immigration & Charlottesville (Aug 2017)

Deepa Iyer discusses two immigration programs that might be on the chopping block with Greisa Martinez and Patrice Lawrence (UndocuBlack) and Charlottesville with UVA student, Vilas Annavarapu.

• Solidarity syllabus: Immigration and Charlottesville

Episode 4: The Impact of Trauma and Crisis Response Work (Sept 2017)

Deepa Iyer and guest, Miriam Zoila Pérez of the Oxalis Collective, discuss the impact of trauma in social justice spaces, and how activists can sustain themselves for the long haul.

Episode 5: Our Community is Our Campaign (Nov 2017)

Deepa Iyer is in conversation with M. Adams and Kabzuag Vaj, the co-directors of Freedom, Inc to discuss co-liberation practices among Black and Southeast Asian communities in Madison, WI.

Episode 6: American Land: Displacement and Removal (Dec 2017)

In this podcast, Deepa Iyer talks with Janeen Comenote (National Urban Indian Family Coalition) and Pedro Rios (American Friends Service Committee) about borders.

Episode 7: Movement Ecology (Jan 2018)

Deepa Iyer explores food justice with Leah Penniman (Soul Fire Farm), and the #MeToo Movement with Shivana Jorawar (Jahajee Sisters).

Episode 8: Network Weavers (Feb 2018)

How can networks cultivate multiracial solidarity? Deepa Iyer is in conversation with Jayne Park (Impact Silver Spring) and Angel Padilla (Indivisible) in the February episode of Solidarity Is This.

Episode 9: A New Vision of Safety (March 2018)

Deepa speaks with Dante Barry, the director of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, about gun violence, school safety and solidarity practices.

Episode 10: Campus Solidarity (April 2018)

How do campuses get beyond the rhetoric of diversity + inclusion? The April 2018 Solidarity features Shige Nic Sakurai and Eesha Ramanujam.

Episode 11: Disability Solidarity (May 2018)

During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Deepa talks with Alice Wong, founder of the Disability Visibility Project, about acknowledging & dismantling ableism in social justice movements.

Episode 12: Faith Matters (June 2018)

Deepa Iyer speaks with Rev. Tuhina Verma Rasche and Bayadir Mohamed-Osman to explore how faith and movement building can lead to solidarity.

Episode 13: Never Again is Now (July 2018)

Deepa is in conversation with Satsuki Ina, a trauma therapist born in a prison camp, and Brandon Shimoda, a poet writing about the afterlife of Japanese American incarceration.

Episode 14: Mother Earth (August 2018)

Deepa is in conversation with Colette Pichon-Battle (Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy) about the 13th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and why we must be in the fight for climate justice.

Episode 15: 17 Years Later (September 2018)

Aber Kawas (Campaign to Take on Hate/National Network of Arab American Communities) and Arjun Sethi (American Hate: Survivors Speak Out) join Deepa to discuss the 17th anniversary of 9/11 and its ongoing effects.

Episode 16: The Role of White People (Oct 2018)

Deepa Iyer is in conversation with Heather Cronk (Standing Up for Racial Justice) and Olivia Lowery (Stay Together Appalachian Youth Project) to discuss how white communities are dismantling the culture and policies of white supremacy.

Episode 16: 2018's Solidarity Mo(ve)ments (Dec 2018)

Jamia Wilson (Feminist Press) and Jonathan Jayes-Green (UndocuBlack Network) join Deepa to discuss what shaped 2018’s solidarity moments and movements, and look forward to 2019.

Episode 17: The Art of Protest (Jan 2019)

In the first Solidarity Is This podcast of 2019, learn about protest literacy from movement historian, L.A. Kauffman, and about local community defense networks from North Carolina activist, Manju Rajendran.

Episode 18: Racial Equity, Chicago Style (Feb 2019)

Deepa Iyer speaks with Niketa Brar, Chicago United for Equity, to hear about how community members organized to develop a racial equity ballot for the recent Chicago election.

Episode 18: Racial Equity, Chicago Style (Feb 2019)

Deepa Iyer speaks with Niketa Brar, Chicago United for Equity, to hear about how community members organized to develop a racial equity ballot for the recent Chicago election.

Episode 19: Lessons from Detroit (Nov 2019)

Deepa Iyer is in conversation with Linda Campbell (Detroit People's Platform) who shares experiences and lessons from her decades-long work in Detroit.

Episode 20: Not In Our Name

Learn how to be in solidarity with resistance efforts in Kashmir and India today. Deepa Iyer is in conversation with Yashica Dutt (Dalit journalist and writer) and Nouf Bazaz (Kashmiri activist and professor). 

Episode 21: In the Time of a Pandemic

Deepa Iyer is in conversation with community healer Kevin Fong about what we can learn from the pandemic and how we respond with compassion and solidarity.

Episode 22: One World and COVID-19

In this month’s episode, ​host Deepa Iyer is in conversation with Phumeza Mlungwana (​​International Budget Partnership, South Africa​) and Nicola Browne (Act Now​, Northern Ireland) about global solidarity and the COVID-19 pandemic.