solidarity schools



Strengthening the bridge between social change theory and practice for new and established activists, advocates, and nonprofit staff, The Solidarity School is an online community of practice grounded in a solidarity framework that provides political analysis and individual and organizational practices that strengthen social change movements. 


Participants will gain the knowledge and tools to:


  • Develop an individual solidarity statement and personal growth goals based on the social change ecosystem map

  • Sharpen collective or organizational solidarity practices rooted in case studies from the field 

  • Access campaign strategies based on their alignment with solidarity principles and ideas for course-correction, when necessary 

  • Navigate conflict and movement culture 




The Solidarity School offers three (3) free courses every calendar year.


  • Spring Solidarity Semester: Designed for emerging youth leaders aged 18-25 across the country who are ready to take action for social change and are looking for ways to get involved on campus, online, and in their communities.

  • Summer Solidarity School: Designed for people ages 18-25 who are interested in working in the nonprofit sector or who are within their 1-3 years of working in nonprofits.   

  • Fall or Winter Solidarity School: Designed for people who have 3-5 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. 


We are in the process of determining when a course for people with more than 5 years of experience can be offered. 


How To Apply

Some of the courses will be open to everyone who is interested and some will require submitting an application. 


Please subscribe to Building Movement Project's mailing list and indicate which offering you are interested in to receive updates when the applications are posted. 

You can request tailored workshops, trainings, and facilitation around solidarity frameworks and practices here.